Apple AI image tool MGIE addressed within a week of Tim Cook’s announcement

Apple is a solid players in the smartphone industry. It is called the giant of this industry. After getting introduced the Galaxy AI inside the Galaxy S24 series, Apple’s CEO responded to bring a new AI model soon. A week is so far longer?

This could be a demo in this industry. The fighting could be deeper, and this AI image tool MGIE is not the actual AI chatbot that will be introduced by Apple. In our view, Apple does it to keep them in the limelight in this fight. Staying far away might be hard to come back.

Apple AI image tool MGIE

The MGIE stands for MLLM Guided Image Editing. It is an easy and simple tool that can edit both simple and complex images. It can sharpen the image and give a different tone, which usually takes a longer time manually.

Apple AI image tool MGIE

The AI image tool MGIE comes with two different multimodal language models. Firstly, it learns the user’s prompts and secondly it will think how to design, means what is more preferable for users that he demands.

MGIE is now available in GitHub along with instructions. To build this model Apple worked with the University of California, Santa Barbara. Again, this tool can crop, resize and make filters here shortly.

Tim Cook

The first appearance of Apple made AI, could work more efficiently. After the announcement from Tim Cook this existence keeps them frontline. Already Microsoft, OpenAI, Google make their position stronger in the AI industry.

People who need higher impressive photo (and also video editing) usually go to Adobe. Which also has its own AI model, named Firefly AI that generates background images.

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