Android devices will show battery health, that was forbidden for a long time

You might not be surprised to find a battery health percentage in the present smartphone, mainly iOS based. But Android itself doesn’t show till now. After all, Google is making plans to show battery health soon.

Excluding iPhone, some Android OS based smartphone brands also shows battery health, like Samsung, OnePlus and others. These completely show from their own side. But this plan of Android showing battery percentage may be to modernize Android features.

We cited from 9to5Google, mentioned that Android Google is working on this project. To prove this issue, Android Authority, a renowned tech news source claimed Google plans an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) to set an API in Android that would show the health of storage alongside battery health percentage.

Android battery health check

Pixel collects data at 1% granularity, ensuring accuracy within 1%. However, some devices measure this by 10%, resulting in a 10% rounding error. The new API may round up the data, potentially showing 90% in the theoretical example.

This AOSP is part of Android 15 Beta 1. But the timeframe of Android 15 Beta 1 release is not yet informed or leaked. Battery health will only be visible in System apps, such as Settings. Other applications can’t show.