About Us

About Crazreview

CrazReview is a team working on the field of mobile technology news. We also has interest on electronic gadgdets. We collect news and gives information to the world, Review products and share phone specifications.


CrazReview comes from backstage. It has individual team to work on specific fields. Its Operation team is covering the news and specifications, reviews products qualities and represent to the world. This specific team leads the development of news platform. Another teams also exists. These teams helps one another.


CrazReview believe on truth behind tech tech and devoted to share information to the consumers who needs truth.

Marketing Department of CrazReview to work on marketing purpose. Its duties to develop marketing field and find out its passion will be compatible with employees. One of the key works that we sell products (gadgets and etc). This Department deal our sales and stay available for consumers. Sales from us to fulfill consumer thirst for exact products.


Digital Creation is another key Department of CrazReview. Which focus on video content on Mobile phones, electronic gadgets. It collaborates with Operation teams for information. Content Editor of Digital Creation belongs from Operation Department.


CrazReview created under a project. This ongoing project started from 2021 and starting to operate from February, 2022. Basic teams work on this project to develop technology and its field, to impact on the consumers to get best goods.