WhatsApp Messenger making to allow rearranging favourite contacts

WhatsApp website

As the continuous process of updating, WhatsApp Messenger has been spotted by WABetaInfo. This time revealed the update is made for giving the authoritative access to users to rearrange favourite contacts, particularly on Android. iOS may get the access later.

WhatsApp developer is working on “Favourite” tab, which will allow users to add, remove and rearrange their favourite contacts. Users can directly put their needy contact in exact place to find these out without any hassle. 

Rearranging favourite contact

This rearranging favourite contacts subsequently decreases the amount of scrolling that users have made to find the exact contacts to make a call or send a message. Favourite contacts will appear in front of the screen to send messages without any finding.

In the fighting between Mark Zuckerberg and Telegram is going longer than expected. The authority to customize favourite contacts is still under process. Not yet available for “Beta testing”. So, there is no timeframe when it  will be available to.

You are now completely familiar with the WhatsApp channel feature that brings a bigger impact on run-time of WhatsApp. We will go deep with the latest views.