Amazon is shutting down drone delivery system in California, to set a new place for

Amazon drone delivery service

Amazon now stopping its Prime Air drone delivery service in Lockeford, California. This is the place where Amazon makes early testing to the local residents, delivering products purchase  from Amazon, via drone in 30 minutes. These products should be five pounds or less.

In the latest press release, Amazon cited their plan and mentioned that they fixed another place to start Prime Air location delivery in Tolleson, Arizona. It is expected to find same day delivery in the West Valley Phoenix metro area.

Amazon expected to start drone delivery service in this new location later this year. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t mention yet why they changed to a new location. Amazon offers the employee those working on Lockeford area’s drone delivery system could move to other place.

Amazon drone delivery service

Amazon says that it will keep active Prime Air features of delivery service via drone in College Station, Texas. It also has a plan to set a new location in 2025.

Let’s have a look at the drone which is delivering products to the consumers. The MK30 named drone is doing the job, made by Amazon itself.  It can fly through light rain and testing process of this drone is still ongoing.

Delivery service via drone was a game changer for Amazon. Other competitors falls behind to compete with Amazon. In 2013, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said that they was just four to five years before starting delivery service via drone.

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