Next steps by Threads to introduce “Trending Now” feature in the US

Instagram and Threads

Threads is now going to take a step ahead to introduce “Threading Now” feature in the US region. It basically open this feature to a limited number of users and will execute a 5-week test for more convenient results.

Rolling out Trending Now feature in Threads is now confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta via a post on his own Threads account. Also, the Instagram boss Adam Mosseri also says about this release.

Threads to introduce “Trending Now” feature

Threads now open Trending Now feature for a total of five options at a time. As an early testing stage, it could ensure unexpectedly error.

Treanding Now feature

Choosing the Threading Now topics will be executed by AI or Artificial Intelligence. It automatically chooses the most highlighted topics those are discussed more in a particular region.

Meta is committed to ensure safe environment to the users. As part of, it might appoint content specialists who will abide guidelines to keep the environment safe and calm.

Threads come

Although Meta said to minimize spreading news around Threads, the Treanding Now feature could share political contents more quickly. After a wide range of release this feature will give you a regular view on politics.

The meta owned Threads make an approach to be one of the competitors of other microblogging social media websites. Namely, X (formerly Twitter). The owner of X, Elong Musk had raised a concern to become the next X’s competitor.

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