Mercedes announced to invest billions of dollars in their e-vehicles plants

Mercedes is one of the prominent carmakers in this field. It announced to invest billions of dollars in their plants to modernize. It has plants in China, Germany and Hungary.

The carmaker is ready to switch to car making to e-vehicles (electric vehicles) to cut emissions of carbon dioxide gas. When it is a serious case of increasing carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere alarmingly.

Mercedes announced to invest

The European Union set a goal to decrease up to 50% of carbon dioxide emissions from the car and it is seeking end of the fossil fuels car selling by 2035, when it set the deadline of the agreements. At the same time, Mercedes announced to invest their plants in China, Germany and Hungary to modernize their plants for manufacturing electric vehicles.

Mercedes announced to invest

At the present time, electric vehicle industries are getting more competitive. The company has planned to invest in their plants in Beijing, Rastatt in Germany and Kecskemet in Hungary. It will start production in Rastatt in the next upcoming months. First production will be available from 2024 under the MMA series.

It is disappointing that, Mercedes set to invest less in modernizing painting systems in Sindelfingen, Bremen and Rastatt plants in Germany.

It is now the duty to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide and save energy and Mercedes announced for shaping.

After all, Mercedes is ready to cut in any shape if needed. The future of electric vehicles are getting delightful.

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