Galaxy Z FE lineup will start from next year as a cheaper variant

Galaxy Z Fold 3

Folding phones costs a huge amount of money. Usually many buyers are committed to buy folding devices and unfortunately they can’t afford it. Phone manufacturers have already started thinking about cost cutting.

Motorola, is the biggest competitor of Samsung has already released Razr 40, that costs less money. Not enough! Need a cheaper budget folding series. Samsung brings a solution for it.

Galaxy Z FE lineup for folding phone

Cheap or performance, which is your need? You first want a folding phone then you decide about pricing and get the performance idea. Almost every folding phone manufacturer brings devices that cost more than a thousand US Dollars.

Galaxy Z FE lineup

Now a leak claimed that Samsung is thinking to bring Galaxy Z FE lineup, though his speech is very reliable to get tension-free. FE means Fan Edition, which is also has on the Galaxy S series.

This Galaxy Z FE lineup will bring low cost folding phones. Though Samsung doesn’t move any subsidiary system, instead it is sticky to stay under Galaxy Z. As he mentioned, after releasing Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 Samsung will start this FE lineup for folding phones. The released Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 in this month.

Galaxy Z Fold 4

There are several issues of impact on the folding market. Samsung is literally leading the whole market, although the Chinese market is in different positions. This introduction of Galaxy Z FE lineup will bring the biggest market changes.

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