Threads come not to replace X, news will not get prioritized


When Twitter was transferring to X by the hand of Elon Musk many people left the social media for the expected crisis. Bluesky, Mastodon and many more were playing roles to be alternative. But truly none can take the place.

At last by the hand of Mark Zuckerberg we have found Threads. Who is expected to replace X. A huge number of the social media community successfully transferred their account to Threads. Then hope goes the wrong way.

Threads come not to replace X

Threads by Instagram is not going to replace X. Instead, it has made a place not to attach with political news. Find the main sources of X’s post based on political news. After Musk acquired the platform it sometimes gained something worse and demotivated achievement.

Threads come

Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed that they are not going to close the enter into the political news. The Threads come for making close connections between users friends and families. They want to keep the place calm.

When the matter is news Adam said, they will not accelerate or demotivate the news. Instead the exactly follows to be silent here. That is likely surprising to many users who believe Threads will be the alternative of X. It wants to keep them out of controversy.

This dramatic decision keeps them in the middle of the road without getting any kind of controversy. Threads come not to be neutral or to be a supplier of political news. It might be taken as a new player of social media.

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