Samsung to announce Galaxy AI chatbot introduction in 100 million devices

Samsung has released the Galaxy S24 series in the middle of this month. This became a hype for Galaxy AI chatbot for implementing inside any smartphone ever. This series takes the first step ahead of AI.

Later, Samsung officially announced that they are going to introduce Galaxy AI chatbot inside more than 100 million devices without any direct plan of paid system. This could be announced later.

Galaxy AI chatbot in 100 million devices

Samsung suddenly takes action to implement AI inside their smartphone to compete with Apple. When Apple is dominating the total market, especially Apple takes first position in China. Where Samsung is out of 5.

Galaxy AI chatbot

Galaxy AI chatbot will come in some older devices, like Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 models. This list could expand and Samsung will introduce via an update soon.

On the other hand, TM Roh, the head of Samsung Electronics mobile decision has not directly said about any paid system for this implemented AI chatbot. But he said that the Galaxy AI chatbot will remain free until 2025. So, it could be paid, undoubtedly.

Galaxy S24 series

When we could expect from Samsung that they will make it payable. But their approach ahead of this discussion has not looked well organized. The core of the design of Galaxy AI which uses the model of Google Gemini Pro, which is paid. So, Samsung will take a position to make it payable. Also, Samsung uses Ernie in China, instead of Gemini Pro.

We are not likely to reach at the end of discussion till Samsung will not take any action. After this step by Samsung, Apple will absolutely make a step to keep them more advanced.

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