Baidu’s Ernie AI chatbot is powering Galaxy S24 smartphones in China, not Galaxy AI

Last week, the most highlighted event took place introducing the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This is considered an incredible approach in the smartphone industry by putting an AI chatbot inside the live device, named Galaxy AI.

But this is just a story for China. Though the Chinese market has a different position and market strategy to execute, Samsung failed here to lead the market. Once Samsung was the king of the Chinese market. But now it is out of the top 5 smartphone brands in China gaining around 2% market share.

Ernie AI chatbot feature Galaxy S24 series

In the global market, Samsung used Google’s Gemini Pro for translation, summarization, and generation functionalities. While the Chinese Galaxy S24 smartphones are using Ernie AI chatbot. That takes the place of Google’s Gemini.

Ernie AI Chatbot on Galaxy S24 series

Though this market has no connection with Google, this approach of removing Google’s Gemini where putting Baidu’s Ernie AI chatbot is a new view of China’s development and dominance in the market.

Samsung introduced their Galaxy AI on this latest generation smartphone. The reason to overcome Apple, while Apple led the Chinese market in 2023 captured 17.3% market share. Honor in second position with 16.8% market share. Then vivo, Huawei and Oppo, respectively.

Ernie AI Chatbot on Galaxy S24

The head of Samsung mobile decision, TM Roh said that they are trying to fit in the Chinese market by enhancing software optimization. But this brand even failed for a mixture of several budget devices in one row or branding.

Baidu released Ernie 4.0 version on October and it claimed the version is the most powerful in till now. At the event taken place in October Baidu’s CEO Robin Li claimed that Ernie AI chatbot is much more improved compared to GPT-4 and not inferior from this creation of OpenAI.

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