Samsung Gauss: the generative AI to launch with Galaxy S24

Samsung has recently unveiled its very own generative AI model, known as Gauss. This on-device AI model comprises three distinct components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image. Each of these components has been specifically designed to cater to different tasks and functionalities.

The name of Samsung Gauss is derived from the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who is recognized for his contribution to the development of the Gaussian process, also known as the theory of normal distribution. This theory is considered as the fundamental framework for artificial intelligence.

Samsung Gauss

The first component, Samsung Gauss Language, is a remarkable generative language model. It possesses the ability to compose emails, summarize documents, and translate content. Additionally, it serves as a catalyst for enabling smarter device control, similar to popular voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Samsung Gauss

The second component, the Gauss Code, utilizes the coding assistant code.i. This feature greatly simplifies the coding process for developers, allowing them to code with ease and efficiency. It also facilitates code description and test case generation, further enhancing the overall coding experience.

Samsung Gauss Image is an impressive generative image model. It boasts the capability to create and edit images, manipulate their style, and even convert low-resolution images into high-resolution ones. This component opens up a world of possibilities for users who wish to enhance and transform their visual content.


Samsung’s Gauss AI model is a groundbreaking development in the field of artificial intelligence. With its three distinct components it offers a wide range of functionalities and applications. From composing emails to coding assistance and image manipulation, Gauss is set to revolutionize various aspects of technology and user experience.

The Gauss is already available for its employees to boast productivity for the users. It is going to be unveiled in Samsung Galaxy S24 series which has rumors to lunch in January.

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