Is Samsung wanted to takeover September? Galaxy Z Fold 6 series may take same timeframe as iPhone 16

Galaxy Z Fold 3

September is reserved for Apple product launch. In a more clear view, iPhone latest series smartphone releases every year this September month. All hype and attention goes to iPhone models usually. Expected to find iPhone 16 series this year.

Latest updates making a vogue issue. Tech enthusiasts are comfortable with the September time frame. But Samsung might be going through the process of introducing their Galaxy Z Fold series. Expectedly upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 might be released in September-October timeframe.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 series release timeframe

Previously, it was assumed that Galaxy Z Fold 6 series release could happen in mid-July. But assumption goes wrong and now expectation arises concern to release somewhat in September or October. Which is the actual timeframe of the upcoming iPhone 16 series.

Samsung to takeover September

This sudden approach may introduce a slightly different impact on market. Samsung could take part of Apple’s market managing style which arrange for this month.

Samsung will start production of Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 in early of May and release is expected between September to October. This cheaper Fold 6 and Flip 6 will not have a stylus S-Pen.

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Rumors could come closer when release is going to a bigger point. The bunch of details will come with an absolute view soon.

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