A student survived gunshots due to a mobile phone

In a shocking incident at Sirajganj Medical College in Bangladesh, chaos erupted during class hours when a student was injured by bullets fired by a teacher. The accused, identified as Dr. Rayhan Sharif from the Community Medicine Department, has been taken into custody by the police following the unfortunate event.

According to reports, the student, named Tamal, was shot in the thigh by Dr. Rayhan Sharif during a verbal altercation in the classroom. The incident sparked panic among students, with many alleging that Dr. Sharif had a history of entering classrooms with a pistol, causing fear and discomfort among the student body.

A student survived gunshots due to a mobile phone

Fortunately, Tamal’s injuries were not life-threatening as the bullet hit a deep pocket in his thigh where his mobile phone was kept, preventing deeper penetration. Prompt medical attention was provided, and Tamal was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The swift response from law enforcement agencies, including the police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), helped control the situation on campus. The accused teacher was apprehended, and his firearm was seized by the authorities.

Following the incident, students expressed outrage and staged protests around the campus, demanding justice for their injured peer and calling for stricter regulations regarding firearms on campus premises.

The safety and well-being of students should always be a top priority in educational institutions. Incidents like these highlight the need for stringent measures to prevent the presence of weapons on campus and ensure a conducive learning environment for all.

As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the shooting, it is crucial for the authorities to take appropriate action to address the concerns of students and ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future.

In the aftermath of this tragic event, our thoughts are with the injured student, and we hope for his speedy recovery. Let us stand together in solidarity with the Sirajganj Medical College community as they navigate through this challenging time.

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