Is vivo beating Samsung in the aspect of camera?

200MP telephoto lens in Vivo X100+

As a sister company of BBK, vivo can’t be Samsung for huge market capital. But vivo is developing its camera performance. Previous vivo X90 series still the latest example and upcoming may shock you.

Camera quality, gaming, core performance or anything needed and if your only choice is Samsung then you always buy Galaxy S series devices. Samsung Galaxy S23 series devices are the latest and unfortunately the telephoto lens of Galaxy S23 Ultra has no improvement after S22 Ultra.

Why vivo beating Samsung

vivo is a camera oriented phone manufacturer company. Most of the time its camera looks extra glow that is bad for image. Then vivo developing their image quality to get real-like images with most customization.

vivo beating Samsung

vivo X90 Pro+ was released last year and it was a significant update in telephoto lens that came to any tech enthusiasts eye. Behind this success there has a custom made chip, V2 chip. It was designed by vivo itself.

Then an assumption comes to the frontline, vivo beating Samsung and soon in upcoming future. It was assumed by Ice Universe, so there was a possibility. Now it seems that the upcoming device is really going to win the fight for best telephoto lens providing.

vivo beating Samsung

vivo already confirmed that they are using V3 chip on vivo X100 Pro+, which is an upgraded version of the previous V2 chip. This phone will feature a 200MP telephoto lens that enables 1x to 100x zoom. The exact destruction of Samsung’s telephoto lens ever.

vivo X100 series will have 200MP camera. Now it is time to get it officially, though the company takes Chinese release first. So, vivo beating Samsung very early.

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