A 200MP telephoto lens in Vivo X100+

Vivo X90 series

Vivo is highly progressive to ensure one of the top camera performers. They did it on Vivo X90 Pro+ and other devices. It is not a new idea. But there appears something now which can shock you.

In the aspect of the telephoto camera Vivo X100+ will be the performance hungry. With the idea of Ice Universe that it was unpredicted to him and now becoming a truth.

Vivo X100+ features a 200MP telephoto lens

Before getting worried about the telephoto I am describing you in brief. By this surprising works of 200MP telephoto lens in Vivo X100+ will be one of the best phones on the market.

200MP telephoto lens in Vivo X100+

Vivo X100+ gives a 1-100x zoom that is highly shocking to anyone but a surprise anticipated by the photographer. According to the tipster, “Assuming 200mp 3x, it means that even if it is cut to 10x, there is still 18MP.”

Alongside, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra which is upcoming next year will use a telephoto lens. Though we have no confirmation yet. But in the market of better camera quality, it seems to me that Vivo is overcoming Samsung.

Surely we will arrive with more details about this unpredicted Vivo X100+ very early. By the way, be ready for new steps to becoming a new camera quality based market.

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