X turning to a paid platform, now find alternative

Why twitter

The accusation of X, previously recognized as Twitter, has evolved into a substantial quandary. Elon Musk, the owner of X, has ultimately transformed it into a monetized social media platform, as revealed in his previous statement and a recent revelation.

Musk has a plan of generating money and X turning to move this way. He already made a paid version using some users who are able to get revenue from ads shows in their X account.

X turning to paid platform

We have come across a code that indicates the existence of three tiers of X intended for premium users. These tiers are Premium Basic, which includes full ads, Premium Standard, which includes half ads, and Premium Plus, which does not include any ads.

X turning to a paid

It is imperative to note that utilization of X is strictly restricted to paying users. The Premium Basic package offers full access to X with active advertisements, while the Premium Standard package, which is anticipated to be more expensive, provides an ad-free experience.

A considerable proportion of users are making a transition to alternative social media platforms, namely Bluesky and Threads, Mastodon, Spill etc. This migration has led to a substantial surge in the user base of X, and Musk is making steady progress towards the actualization of his plan.

Bluesky benefited

X, as a decent social media which consumes less time as compared to alternatives is favorite to users and Musk steps causes many dissatisfaction in users mind.

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