Bangladesh govt website leaks citizens personal data of NID card

A shocking news comes frontline, about the Bangladesh government website leaks personal data of its citizens including names, email address, phone numbers and National ID number (NID).

According to the TechCrunch, a researcher of Bitcrack Cyber Security, Viktor Markopoulos googling an SQL error while he accidentally discovered this leak on June 27. Then he contacted the Bangladeshi e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (CERT) team. He added that the leak has millions of Bangladeshi cei

Leaks citizens personal data

TechCrunch cross-checked these data and found these all are correct. They tried with 10 different sets of data, these all are accurate.

Leaks citizens personal data
Image Credits: Munir uz Zaman / AFP / Getty Images

Every citizen of Bangladesh who is older than 18 issued a National Identity Card (NID Card), which is mandatory for opening bank account passport buying and selling land and many other things.

TechCrunch doesn’t mention the name of the website because list data is still available online. TechCrunch and Markopoulos e-mailed Bangladeshi government organizations to comment about this leak and effective measures to take by them.

They contacted Bangladeshi’s CERT, the press office of the government, the embassy in Washington DC and the New York Consulate. But any of these organizations commented on the requests.

According to Markopoulos, this leaks citizens personal data could be used in various types of online activities, like creating account, to get access, modify data or get the actual information.

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