Vivo X90 Pro+ to kill telephoto of Samsung S22 Ultra, or even S23 Ultra: tipster

Vivo X90 series will launch with Dimensity 9200 SoC

Samsung is highly configuring on Samsung S23 series. On the other side, Vivo are extremely developing their each successor model. But Vivo X90 Pro+ is the best ever that exactly giving much better performance on camera module. Now expectations turned into getting more from Vivo.

Flagship series of Samsung is S series. February of Every year Samsung has launched a new series. Last year it launched the Samsung S22 series. Everyone focuses on the Ultra version. Samsung brings the best features in this model every year. If we see from the Samsung side it is well for launching. But exactly it is not a better decision that is claimed by renewed tipster Ice Universe.

Vivo is updating their flagship X series every six months. Which is half of the upgradation time of Samsung. Tipster says that in six months it is normally possible to upgrade a new series.

While Samsung is upgrading one series at the mean time Vivo upgrades their two or three series. So the upgradation gap of Samsung series looking remains incomparable with Vivo. When about the matter of the Vivo X90 series, where we find that X90 Pro+ gives unpredictable performance. Interestingly the telephoto camera is giving higher performance than the S22 Ultra. Tipster doubted about the upcoming S23 Ultra, that might be defeated with X90 Pro+.

Vivo has already crossed Samsung by Vivo X90 Pro+. Now it seems that when Samsung will launch S24 Ultra, Vivo will take faster accelerations. At least two series or successor of Vivo will arrive when Samsung will only launch one successor.

Samsung S22 Ultra has a 10MP resolution periscope telephoto lens, with 10x optical zoom. On the contrary, Vivo X90 Pro+ has just 3.5x optical zoom from a 50MP periscope telephoto lens. But the matter is on its performance. X90 Pro+ takes this place. Highly identifying any object and clear zoom is best in this device.

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