Honor X40 series announced to launch in China on 15 September

Honor X40

Honor is a sub brand of Huawei. It is working on many technology field, as well as mobile market. Though it is China based manufacturer company but in focus on whole world market. Now Honor is thinking to launch X40 series in China to lead the Chinese phone market.

Honor X40 series banner

                             Honor X40

China is the world biggest phone market. So all phone company must focus on China. It has 1400 millions people and they are technologically well organized. So if any company, possibly gains the China market its future stability is sure.

Huawei banned by US govt. So Huawei doesn’t enter into US market. It would be probably the biggest shock for any company. But Huawei is successfully handling the matter and keeping its continuous progress. It is going to be the first who is setting up direct connection with satellite.

At the stage of progressive walking, Honor confirmed by a teaser that it is going to release X40 series officially in China, on 15th September. According to Honor CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Honor X series has 100 million global users.

We are hopefully waiting for Honor X40 series phone’s leak. Hope, soon we colud inform you about its key features.