Samsung set target to ship 13 million Galaxy S24 series units

January was the month of Samsung, the most highlighted series of this year arrived here. But the time is becoming larger, while demand is increasing incredibly. This is Samsung’s best high-end series. So they obviously have a master plan.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series has a total of three models like every previous S series. Of them, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is mostly a highlighted model, with a large number of demands. This expands for the camera, long durable performance and impressive designs.

Samsung set shipments of 13 million Galaxy S24 series

Samsung has set 12 million Galaxy S24 series devices to ship this month. But they extended the amount to 13 million Galaxy S24 series units. Which seems a gradually higher demand in the market. Usually Samsung Galaxy S series has a strong community and in other words it is the high-end series of Samsung. So, a higher demand is not a big deal at all.

Samsung set shipping of 13 million Galaxy S24 series units

Tipster Revegnus cited this in his X post from the source of Samsung Electronics Mobile Experience team. Just a week ago, Galaxy S24 series became available in the US market. The implementation of AI, named Galaxy AI, inside the first smartphones increased a huge number of users driven to Samsung.

Galaxy AI basically uses Gemini Pro frames for summarization, translation and several AI features in the global market. While the Chinese market gains a different delivers instead of Gemini Pro, there the series AI chatbot is powered by Baidu’s Ernie. Which is China’s best AI chatbot developed by Baidu.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Galaxy S24 base variants starting price is 79,999 INR ($799) for 8+256GB storage. Then the Galaxy S24+ price is 99,999 INR ($999) for the 8+256GB variant and lastly the Galaxy S24 Ultra price is 1,29,999 INR, 1,299 US (with discount just $549, if submit pre-orders)for 12+256GB storage.

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