Tensor G5 chip sent for testing that will enable to add customized feature

Google is working and deeply says it is developing their approach in smartphone markets. This significantly better decisions while Google is motivated to use its own chipset. That closely gives them more chances to customize like the Apple.

A recent report claimed that Google has already completed the work of Tensor G5 chip which has been sent to KYEC, a company that provides testing services including “wafer probing, final product test, burn-in test, assembly services, and other services.”

Tensor G5 chip sent for testing

Tensor G5 chip sent for testing which will be seen in 2025. Before, we are going to be introduced with the Pixel 9 series which will equip the Tensor G4 chip, which is a similar version of Tensor G3 that is used on Pixel 7.

Tensor G5 chip sent for testing

Tensor G5 chip will be used on the Pixel 10 series. Which is expected to manufacture on 3nm node, reportedly be more power efficient and powerful than the previous Tensor APs. This chip has the code name “Laguna” and has an advanced packaging system that is used by Apple.

This development of Tensor G5 chip will give the opportunity to develop its more customized features. Those highlights Pixel’s devices position to the higher. While Samsung introduced Galaxy AI while via Galaxy S24 series that will absolutely impact on recent flagship smartphones. So, Google will absolutely make steps to go forward.

Pixel 8 series
Pixel 8 pro

There is a possibility to skip Pixel 9 if Google responds to Galaxy AI earlier. Unless Google approaches in the field of AI via smartphone will be seen by Pixel 10 series. There are not enough sources to claim which will be done by Google now. So we have to wait and see which steps Google will take.

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