Microsoft Teams to bring new walkie-talkie feature on iPhones

Microsoft Teams transform

Microsoft is continuously developing its team collaborating media, Microsoft Teams. As part of this, it is going to merge the Teams app into a single app for both personal and enterprise users. This ensures more convenient usability those have both personal and enterprise accounts.

The latest updates about bringing a walkie-talkie feature confirmed via its roadmap. This will be available on iPhone, so it could expect to get on Android later this announcement.

Walkie-talkie feature on iPhone

According to the roadmap, this walkie-talkie feature will be enable in May of this year. It will be reminded under the Apple’s push-to-talk framework button. That will enable walkie-talkie.

Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie feature

Microsoft Teams will offer an open and convenient walkie-talkie feature. It can operate will the app is not foreground. Users can send their walkie and receive talkie to others keeping the phone locked.

Microsoft has not mentioned any information about implementing walkie-talkie feature in Android. It might be happened after activating on iPhone. Also, that MS said to release in May could be delayed or not. Because a developing roadmap usually under process.

Any technical difficulties or other issues may delayed this feature. As we seen it impressive, hope to get the feature earlier.

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