Microsoft Teams transform into a single App for personal and work

Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie feature

Microsoft is streamlining its popular collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams, by introducing a unified app that seamlessly integrates personal and work accounts. This highly anticipated update aims to simplify the user experience and eliminate the need for separate installations.

According to a blog post by Microsoft, “We received consistent feedback from personal and work users: you prefer a single Teams app that allows you to easily access and switch between personal and work accounts.” The tech giant recognized the demand for a more cohesive solution and has responded with a unified app currently in testing.

Microsoft Teams transformation to a single app

The new Microsoft Teams transformation will feature an account switcher accessible from the profile section, enabling users to effortlessly toggle between multiple tenants and account types. This functionality will be rolled out to commercial users in April, offering a seamless transition from the existing setup.

Microsoft Teams transform
Home screen of Microsoft Teams

One of the key enhancements is the ability to join meetings directly from a link or even without signing in, regardless of the account type. Additionally, users can choose to launch personal and work accounts separately, with distinct icons on the taskbar.

Notifications have also been revamped, providing clearer indications of the team or account from which a notification originates. “In addition, personal notifications have more details, giving clear and easy actions from the notification banner,” Microsoft stated in the blog post.

Microsoft Teams
Multiple accounts log-in page

Historically, Microsoft Teams users have faced a fragmented experience when managing personal and work accounts. Windows 11 initially integrated Teams into the taskbar, but this Chat experience was limited to personal accounts. Subsequent updates saw Microsoft move away from this direct integration, but users still had to download and install separate Teams apps for personal and work meetings.

With the introduction of the unified app, Microsoft plans to phase out the Microsoft Teams (free) app, consolidating all users into the single Microsoft Teams application and will be part of an upcoming update to Windows 11, version 24H2, slated for release later this year. There is a sudo command also.

By transforming personal and work accounts into a single Microsoft Teams app, the company aims to streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and provide a consistent user experience across all account types.

This move aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern workforces and personal users alike.