Is Samsung will consider to use MediaTek in their budget smartphones: The Question is valid to be Answered

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Yeah! You might not be shocked hearing this. Samsung is very passionate about putting MediaTek in their budget smartphones. Which is very common and now a more reliable source claimed MediaTek offered a special price to Samsung, only.

You might be a tech enthusiast. Unless you can’t read the content and it is obvious that you can’t like the performance of Samsung’s so-called entry and mid segment mobiles. You only choose for the high-end S series. Is it becoming worse in entry and mid range?

Samsung will use MediaTek in their budget smartphones

The question is worthy and valid to get answers is Samsung going this way to introduce their upcoming entry and mid segment smartphones via MediaTek processors. When Samsung is already out of the top 5 smartphones brand in China.

Galaxy S21 FE Snapdragon variant

Literally, Samsung loses its market capital in the whole global market for their strategy of using MediaTek chips, One UI in both high and low-end smartphones. That significantly dropped the performance of these devices.

When Chinese born smartphone brands are bringing new designs, the latest chip that time Samsung is still in their strong mind as a reputed company. Consumers consider performance and durability, not the reputation that Samsung bears.

MediaTek in their budget smartphones

One of the biggest smartphone markets is India after China. Because of Chinese strict rules India has become the biggest market for every small and big company.

According to the Counterpoint’s report, Samsung remains second position in the last quarter of 2023 by taking 17% market share in India. Where Xiaomi remains first and also vivo has taken a similar position with Samsung.

Galaxy S24 series

Samsung is a tech giant. It has many more devices, machineries etc. That’s why their market decline might not affect them deeply till now. So the question remains to Samsung’s decision to use MediaTek in their budget smartphones. This could severely affect its selling.

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