Apple new update decreased iPhone 15 Pro series heating issue

iPhone 15

Apple launched the iPhone 15 series on September 12. For a huge amount of pre-orders it was delayed to deliver all of the models in time. Which is nothing new for Apple.

Everything went well till users had not been encountered by the overheating issue, specifically on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. Allegation of overheating issues had increased in a large amount and finally Apple had to respond. They assured to bring a new update that resolved this issue.

iPhone 15 Pro series heating issue decreased

Like every year, Apple has brought the iPhone 15 series. But this overheating issue comes unwantedly and endangers it while playing games and streaming videos for a long time.

iPhone 15 Pro series heating

After the update of iOS 17.0.3, iPhone 15 Pro series heating issue decreased. These are now cooler than before. We have not seen any significant difference after this update. In fact, its performance level increased.

The reason behind getting overheated has many aspects till now. According to Apple’s internals who responded about the overheating issue, he informed two reasons behind. First of all it happens for device background operation, to understand users continuous phone operation. The second reason that said is its operating system update.

iPhone 15

Additionally, there is still another reason that can be the core issue. It is already known that TSMC and Samsung are struggling to yield 3nm process technology. That results in an overheating issue. Tech savvy’s are still doubting this issue behind the iPhone 15 Pro series  heating.

Apple used a titanium frame in two Pro models. That might consume heat and be delayed to disclose to outside. But still Apple is working to solve this issue in future.

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