Samsung and TSMC are struggling to yield 3nm process technology

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Samsung and TSMC are the most prominent tech companies in the semiconductor field. The September 12 event, you have seen the iPhone 15 series release. There iPhone 15 Pro series comes with a 3nm TSMC process chip.

After that, many users complained about iPhone 15 Pro series overheating issue and finally Apple has to respond. They assured of working on to solve this issue. But there is something that remains unspoken. The hitting issue really happens for the 3nm process?

Samsung and TSMC are struggling to yield 3nm process

The time is going and tech companies follow the way of making advancement. The Samsung and TSMC are struggling to yield their 3nm process node. Exactly the 3nm process chip has made with the ambition of performance development and power efficiency.

Samsung and TSMC

But in reality, Samsung and TSMC are unable to do this. In fact, it doubts that the 3nm technology may fail. Both companies remain under 50 percent range of 3nm process technology.

Previously, it was reported in some parts of the industry that Samsung Electronics’ 3-nano yield exceeded 60% and it had achieved delivery results to Chinese customers. However, in the case of the chip in question, the process omitted the SRAM that goes into the logic chip, so it was not possible to produce a complete 3nm process.

3nm process technology

Samsung already began mass production of 3-nano GAA ahead of TSMC. But in order to attract large customers, it must secure a certain yield and establish a mass production system.

By the way, TSMC, the Taiwanese semiconductor brand already setup a plant in the US.

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