Apple responds iPhone 15 series overheating issues

iPhone 15 series

Apple is a reputated company for giving high-end devices. iPhone 15 series goes official on September 12 via the event. Users are already taken iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Both devices encountered overheating issues.

Many users commenting about this matter and the list of complaints is increasing continuously. At last, Apple responds to this issue. They said to solve it soon.

Apple responds iPhone 15 series overheating

iPhone 15 series has four phones. Of them, iPhone 15 Pro models are highly infected by this overheating issue. Apple claimed the issue is unexpected and they are working to solve this soon. They also added an explanation.

iPhone 15 series overheating

iPhone 15 series overheating issue happens for basically two reasons. Firstly, when a new buyer purchases the phone and starts using it, the phone makes a long time operation in the background. That negatively impacts on its performance and creates overheating issues.

iPhone 15 series

The background running issue happens to know users actual optimization. It defines the users operation system that’s why it can give better performance.

The other reason said by an Apple representative that iOS 17 has bugs. They find it and the developer team is working to solve this issue. Hope to get an early solution from Apple.

iPhone 15
Apple iphone 15 series

Apple has not faced such type issues before for a long time. There is an allegation about A17 Pro Bionic chips. Many people claims the reason behind iPhone 15 series overheating depends on this chip.

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