iPhone 15 Pro new colours gray and blue added by replacing purple and gold

iPhone 15 Pro Max shipments

According to the report, sources claim that the iPhone 15 Pro new colour variant will be available, these are gray and blue, by replacing purple and gold colours.

The September release event of the iPhone 15 series is scheduled. The inclusion of a titanium frame is already becoming known, instead stainless steel. Compared to stainless steel frames, this makes devices lighter.

iPhone 15 Pro colour variants

iPhone 15 Pro new colours

Accordingly, Apple is bringing the titanium frame for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, which is a new name as per report. Instead of gold colour variants the devices will be designed in the gray option, that could be delightful after using the titanium frame.

In addition, iPhone 15 Pro new colour is (exactly another) blue which replaces the purple colour. This combination with the titanium frame might be a special colour for this upcoming series.

iPhone 15 Pro new colours

When to talk about the non-Pro model, iPhone 15 model colour variants we have already talked. Apple has tested many colour variants, including the black, green, yellow, orange, blue and pink.

Apple has no official announcement for this September event. Exactly no date has been confirmed yet. But unofficial sources claim the date is September 12 or 13. It was September 7 for last year.

There is also a massive change in name. Instead of Pro Max it will be introduced in “Ultra” name, according to leaks.

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