iPhone 15 colour variants are tested, choose your pick

The iPhone 15 series has scheduled to release on September 12 or 13. This month is only for Apple. They bring new series every year. Now a reliable tipster shares iPhone 15 colour variants that are already tested by Apple.

The iPhone 15 series will have four devices like all the times. But there will be a tricky change in the model name. Apple chooses an “Ultra” instead of Pro Max name for every year. Till now it is assigned as a rumor but we could not be surprised if it happens.

iPhone 15 colour variants tested

iPhone 15 colour variants are tested

The iPhone 15 colour variants test has done. Tipster shares of these without confirming exactly which variant will arrive here. But the long list of expectations may bring a clear concept of this model.

List of colour tested via Apple for iPhone 15:

• Pink / Rose Gold / Blush Gold
• Green
• Blue
• Yellow
• Orange
• Black / Midnight / Dark / Basalt

All of these colour variants are tested, Yellow might not be continued. Many users are not ready to buy another Yellow variant.

iPhone 14 Plus

From several colour variants, in my opinion, red and white colour are making key differences from others. Basically, a good finished back panel with lightest red and white colours are very much compatible for looks like a flagship device.

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