Instagram and Threads will stop recommending political contents ahead of EU regulations

The owner of Instagram and Threads, Meta said it is going to bring major changes to their feed. Feed defines in social media where users find the post, tweet and something else made by their friends. But this idea has expanded.

Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms has performed and mostly introduced News Feed. Which turned into a platform of delivering ads that successfully generates money.

Instagram and Threads will bring major changes on feed

The European Union is going to be more strict to make the digital economy more fair. That’s why it has to be more straightforward to execute laws. Meta, as a social media, became the part of shaping. Instagram and Threads will bring major changes by hiding political contents from the frontline.

Instagram and Threads

This could obviously impact those who regularly share political contents. Contents may be shown to less users. Instagram and Threads both will follow these rules as per source.

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri confirmed that Meta will not “to proactively amplify political content from accounts that you don’t follow.” Users based on EU  will not face these political contents.

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To make it more clear, those who are already following the accounts share political contents can view them. But another new content related to political view will not be shown from outsider accounts that are not followed, confirmed by Mosseri.