OnePlus 12 price leaked for India before release

It is clear that we are becoming closer to OnePlus 12 global release that would take place on January 23. We saw it in China a few months ago, Chinese consumers can purchase it.

The speculation is absolutely spreading ahead of any global launch. In the case of OnePlus 12 price, it goes directly out by a screenshot, taken a reliable tipster. Which could be an accurate statement, while he doesn’t even claim to be accurate.

OnePlus 12 price leaked

The tipster shares the screenshot that carries the OnePlus 12 price in Flowy Emerald colour and 12GB+ 256GB variant. Along with specs, this page eventually mentioned the price is 69,999 INR.

OnePlus 12 price

The predecessor, OnePlus 11 was introduced in India at 56,999 INR for 8+128GB variant, while the higher 16+256GB was at 61,999 INR. Now this jump into 69,999 INR could be an unworthy attempt by OnePlus. We are not even clear about this exact price.

This listing on Amazon, that usually happens which can’t be more trustworthy before getting officially announced. In those similar cases (the faster I moved to OnePlus 12 future to compare), Honor 90 was introduced at a higher price and lastly they had to cut the price.

OnePlus 12

Going with this price range, the price of 69,999 INR is transferable to 844 USD. Which will be a pricing tag. Many reasons including taxes impact the price while the usual tag could be 899 USD. While OnePlus 11’s 12+256GB cost 799 USD.

We could expect this price to be accurate or not to be accurate. But the issue is market condition. Can the consumer purchase at such a higher rate or not? It should be decided by OnePlus itself.

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