Meta announced end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger


The parent company of Facebook, Meta announced end-to-end encryption for Facebook messaging. It says that brings for everyone. There is an option for activating end-to-end encryption, where there will not exist any data of messaging on their server.

Facebook end-to-end encryption

Lately but it brings this features. Many messaging platforms bring it many years ago. Where WhatsApp is one of them though it is owned by Meta.

Facebook end-to-end encryption

Long ago it brings vanish mode that was activated to delete messages after getting end of the chat. Now this end-to-end encryption security feature is also remain active on this vanish mode.

Almost every feature of Messenger will stay active on this end-to-end encryption. Where users can show link previews, using emoji, choice reaction, add group photo and share images and videos with end-to-end encryption.

Facebook end-to-end encryption

The most attractive feature is the bubble that can help us easily reply messages. When anyone send message it appears on the home display. This feature will remain on end-to-end encryption.

This present time risk for users data is very high. Many times users personal data was stolen by hackers. Many times many platforms were unable kept protected users data. Meta says it is for users safety. That saves people from getting stolen their personal data.

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