GSMArena facing cyber attack from the networks of Jio and Airtel in India

GSMArena which is considered one of the prominent technology media. Especially deliver mobile news, updates and reviews. Now facing a cyber attack from the networks of Jio and Airtel in India.

In the toughest technology market of supply news, GSMArena is serving a prominent position in the world, basically it takes higher positions in Asia and Africa as well as Europe.

GSMArena facing cyber attack

In a report on their own website they claimed that GSMArena is facing cyber attacks from the networks of Jio and Airtel these are based in India. In every hour it is being attacked by almost 100,000 different IPs that are from these two operators.

GSMArena cited that they have requested the Indian Jio and Airtel to resolve this attack issue and they didn’t reply in a positive way. That’s why this unconditional issue is making it impossible to keep the server active.

Finally, GSMArena might have turned off Indian IPs to resolve this attack issue for this moment. It is unfortunate that GSMArena has to do it.

As a tech news website, GSMArena, PhoneArena follows standard manners to execute their duties. We are really disappointed for this unconditional attack facing by GSMArana. Hope that they will soon overcome this issue.