Xiaomi Redmi A1: new series upcoming

xiaomi Redmi A1

Xiaomi Redmi A1: new series upcoming

Xiaomi Redmi is going to start a new series called ‘A’ series. As a part of A series now it is going to release Redmi A1, the first phone of Redmi A series. It has already spotted on many certification site, like as BIS, FCC etc. This series serves entry level phone users.

Xiaomi Redmi A1: new series upcoming
Redmi 10

We are still unknown about Redmi A1 specs. But we are expecting to gets Helio A22 chip, which is with 3GB RAM variants. It may contain 3.5 mm jack, 164.67 mm device length.


Xiaomi India says to release on Diwali. It is on October 24. So we could expect its launch on around 24th October.

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