Google to feature Satellite SOS in Pixel devices soon

Google committed to feature Satellite SOS services on Android 14, back in 2022. The phone production part of Google, Pixel is slightly moving back to the Satellite SOS service that appears a very needy feature in recent months. Several numbers of smartphone brands are already introduced, including Samsung, Apple, Huawei.

The emergency Satellite SOS services have made some impactful duties, like saving a woman who went out for walking and lost her way back home. The story was published on PhoneArena.

Emergency Satellite SOS in Pixel phones

Recently, the Google News channel on Telegram discovered mentions of a “Satellite SOS” function in Google’s “Adaptive Connectivity Services” app (version p.2024.08). This tool is intended to deliver emergency messages via satellites in the event that cellular and WiFi networks are inaccessible.

It is said that the “Safety and emergency” area of the Settings menu on the operating system will be where this feature will be enabled. There’s a new Satellite SOS page in that part that provides an in-depth description of how this feature will work. One has the option to test it in real mode or try an example.

In addition, users will be capable of personalizing their emergency Satellite SOS in Pixel’s contacts and program notifications to be sent remotely in the event of an emergency. The privacy warning is also important to read. It says that if you use Satellite SOS, emergency services and satellite service providers will have access to your name, email address, phone number, location, emergency contacts, and device information.

Apart from that, an affiliation with Garmin is disclosed in an additional context, potentially providing globally emergency response coverage and operations for search and rescue. The fact that Garmin’s network spans over 150 different countries on every continent suggests that support might be available everywhere.

Apple heavily makes the benefits of giving emergency Satellite SOS service in iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series, that helps users staying calm to ask for help via Satellite where there is no network connection.