Foldable smartphones become a concern for display issue

It is the time when there is a wide range of competition ongoing in the whole mobile phone market. Smartphone manufacturers entered into the folding phones ear and competed to gain more market capital, one after another.

After Samsung, all other top brands started to manufacture folding phones. Like Xiaomi, Motorola, vivo, OnePlus and many more. This era becomes familiar for bigger displays and pretty handy for folding. But concern arises undoubtedly.

Foldable phones concern for display issue

While smartphone brands are fighting to fix the hinge, which is probably the key part in any foldable, but something happens unknowingly. This hinge becomes the worst reason for the concern of display issue.

Concern for display issue

As per the source of the tipster, many users are complaining about the concern for display issues arising on foldable phones. By sharing a photo he cited that many users are becoming victims of this display broken issue.

The device is OnePlus Open, as per his citation. Which has not passed a long time to go official. Even its senior official claims a fully foldable smartphone which has no gap between the two parts while folding it. That is true. But the concern for display has become the worst thing ever.

OnePlus Open

Although OnePlus executed more reliable and helpful customer services in India, users may change their broken display freely. In that case, Bangladesh is facing the worst services from this same OnePlus brand as many reports come to us.

Who already took the OnePlus Open or any other folding phone, he should be more careful to avoid this unexpected issue. They should keep the device away from children and use it in a calm mental condition.

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