Google sued against scammers fake Bard chatbot download link that steal users login and financial data

Google has made an official announcement through a blog post that it has filed a lawsuit against a group of scammers known as “DOES 1-3”. According to the lawsuit, these three companies created social media platforms that claimed to provide downloads of Google’s AI chatbot Bard. However, instead of Bard, the downloads contained malicious software intended to steal users’ login credentials. Google accuses the scammers of attempting to steal financial information from small businesses and advertisers.

Google sued against this three companies being heard in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, specifically in the San Jose Division. In its complaint, Google alleges trademark infringement as the scammers used Google’s logos in their fraudulent activities. Additionally, Google has requested a permanent injunction from the court to prevent the defendants from further distributing the fake Bard download. Furthermore, Google seeks damages, including the profits obtained by the scammers through their deceptive scheme.

Google sued for fake Bard chatbot link

Google’s General Counsel Halimah DeLaine Prado said in a blog post, “As public excitement in new generative AI tools has increased, scammers are increasingly taking advantage of unsuspecting users. Our first lawsuit targets bad actors who misled numerous people around the world looking to use Google’s AI tools into unknowingly downloading malware.”

Google sued against scammers fake Bard chatbot download link that steal users login and financial data

She also added, “We are seeking an order to stop the scammers from setting up domains like these and allow us to have them disabled with U.S. domain registrars. If this is successful, it will serve as a deterrent and provide a clear mechanism for preventing similar scams in the future.”

In the second lawsuit Google addresses “bad actors” who continuously make fake copyright takedowns against their competitors. This work is done by violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that is exactly made for saving the rights of the creator.

Google sued

This unlawful action causes more than 100,000 websites to take down and costs millions of dollars. Google sued and it has planned to continue their fight against such bad actors to save authentic copyright owners in the legal way. This strategy helps to protect users and small businesses to go on.

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