Bluesky benefited from X when it announced to charge every user

Bluesky is the biggest competitor of X (formerly Twitter), who got another beneficial achievement from X’s activity. With roughly 1.13 million users, Bluesky is continuing as a microblogging social media.

During a livestream event held on September 18, Elon Musk who is the owner of X shares how important it is to get the subscription payment. As a result, Bluesky benefited and made a next move by crossing a million.

Bluesky benefited from X

When the accusation of X (formerly Twitter) happened most of the users went on several alternative social media. But as an old and reputated social media, many users are still here.

Bluesky benefited

From the lists of X alternatives, Bluesky is the key player. Others like the Mastodon have complex customization systems that negatively affect the users.

Elon Musk has said to hand over the Chief position to the CEO. In reality, we have not seen any positives done by Musk to hand over this power.

X owner said, they will charge a minimum balance to give services for all users. After the announcement made by Musk, Bluesky saw a total 53,585 new users complete registration till September 19. Which is 5% of its total visitors.

Bluesky benefited

Bluesky benefited by the move of X done. The alternative has up to 7,75,000 traffic regularly. But on September 19 it crossed up to 1 million daily visitors.

If the announcement makes this impact, we could see a huge impact when X will activate this mandatory payment for every X user. This could be more beneficial for these alternatives.

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