Is Sam Altman the weapon of OpenAI marketing now

The marketing strategy of OpenAI delighted by the invention of ChatGPT, which is renowned as the top AI chat bot. Response to covered in the market Google has to release Bard AI as early as possible. The present market is highly infected by ChatGPT.

The invention of ChatGPT, OpenAI, founded or succeeded by Sam Altman. This invention made the world accelerate to the next stage in a short time. We will discuss here if this work is the OpenAI marketing strategy or not.

What is OpenAI marketing strategy

ChatGPT brought a new upgrade called GPT-4 that comes with the latest level of performance by getting new data. Though these AI is basically a modern level of plagiarism, people are highly motivated to use it to complete tasks easily.

OpenAI marketing

Who serves the OpenAI to the road of ChatGPT now fired two days before. In a sudden meeting the board of directors of OpenAI took a decision to fire him from this position. In a post on X, Altman shares about getting shocked.

The board of directors takes Mira Murati, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) to serve as CEO. In this sudden decision Greg Brockma, the president and co-founder of OpenAI resigns from his position. Ahead this, Jakub Pachocki, the director of research and Aleksander Madry, head of preparedness made their leave official. Many of them are on the way to leave after Sam Altman.


After these kinds of circumstances, OpenAI board members met in a meeting and they didn’t disclose the matter of getting him back. It is already shared by OpenAI that they are planning to back Sam Altman to his position again.

As the report of CNBC, the incident happened inside the board has never been seen after 1985, Jobs fired. OpenAI, we call it the first light of AI has become the vulnerable company in the history of silicon valley after Jobs.

Additionally, CNBC mentioned it as a coup inside the board of directors. The biggest investor of OpenAI, Microsoft and others are secretly pressured to bring back Sam Altman. But he is now “ambivalent” to return.

Now the issue is not the basic OpenAI marketing. It turns into a serious matter. That really said a collapse of AI pioneer. This coup inside the board of directors will not help to gain any of OpenAI marketing values.