Google Lens now lets you access previously searched images by saving them

Google is bringing a major updates that is embedded into Google Pixel. Which is a essential app made by Google to make the search more convenient while it is an image, or directly translation, food items and many more.

It seems hopeful and users will get this feature. Sometimes it is needed to find the previously translated, searched images those are eventually demanded. For not saving it has to face an unconditional thirst for this image.

Google Lens let access searched images

This feature is being included by a major update. It  didn’t allow itself to save these searched images for next time use. Now Google takes a stage forward to give this feature. That mentioned earlier, it sometimes becomes a highly anticipated feature.

Google Lens lets Searched images back

Based on the report of 9to5Google, the searched images activity will keep alive inside the attached Google account. You could find these from by visiting. Which is obviously accessible to account owners only.

Google also lets you download the searched images if needed for any of your works. You have turn on this feature manually. To enable you to go to the Google Account panel by visiting Where you have to follow these steps “Include Visual Search History” option under “Data & Privacy” > “Web & App Activity.”

This feature could be efficient for future reference of your searched images. Many of the users searched for these images to use for documentation. If you faced a similar issue you might find it beneficial.

PhoneArena says that the rollout process has already started. Sometimes it could take the coming weeks to be available to all users. Google will inform you by showing a pop-up notification. You may also find using these previously mentioned methods.