Google Bard AI can generate images now

Google has introduced some exciting updates for Bard, their AI model. The biggest news is that Bard can now utilize Gemini Pro, Google’s latest multimodal AI model, in all the languages and regions where Bard is already accessible.

Previously, Gemini Pro was only integrated into Bard for English, enhancing its understanding, reasoning, summarizing, and coding abilities. Which is also implemented in Galaxy AI.

But now, Bard can also generate images. This feature is available for free in English in most countries worldwide. Google’s Imagen 2 model powers this capability, providing high-quality, photorealistic outputs while maintaining a balance between quality and speed.

Bard AI can generate image

Using this new feature is as easy as typing a description into Bard’s text box. You’ll receive custom visuals that span a wide range, helping you bring your ideas to life. To ensure transparency, Bard embeds digitally identifiable watermarks into the generated images using SynthID, making it clear that they were created by AI.

Bard AI can generate image

Additionally, you can now cross-reference Bard’s responses with Google search results in over 40 languages. Simply click on the G icon, and Bard will evaluate if there is supporting or contradicting information available on the web. You’ll even get highlighted phrases and the opportunity to learn more about the information found through Google search.

According to the Large Model Systems Organization, a renowned evaluator of language models and chatbots, Bard with Gemini Pro is considered one of the top chatbots available, regardless of cost.

Google Bard AI can generate images now

Google’s third-party raters also conducted blind evaluations and identified Bard with Gemini Pro as one of the highest-performing conversational AIs compared to other free and paid alternatives. Google has truly taken a remarkable leap forward with Bard and Gemini Pro.

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