Apps by Apple: the Apple new website to promote their own apps

To promote its own apps, Apple has created a website called Apps by Apple. Which features their apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Apple TV. For the EU’s Digital Marketing Act (DMA) 27 countries to open for sideloading.

Sideloading exactly means the process of installing apps from third-party app storefront. Although Apple keeps stopping sideloading for security reasons. But sideloading becomes a way to force developers to use Apple’s store payment method. By this, Apple gets 15% to 30% cut off in-app purchases.

Apps by Apple

The idea of Apps by Apple to keep its users alert about the helpfulness of Apple’s security measures and keep the issue of sideloading as a third-party storefront.

Apps by Apple

Apple shows all of the apps of them and ensures their security to keep the data of users safe. Apple has a long history of taking action against any data collecting from iOS devices.

Apps by Apple categorize apps into six sections. These are Communication, Creativity, Productivity, Exploration, Entertainment and Home, Health and Fitness and the Features.

Apps by Apple

If you think about sideloading and you are not in the European Union countries, you can’t sideload apps on your Apple devices including iPhone now.

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