Meizu 21 specs officially confirmed ahead of November 30 event

Don’t worry! Meizu doesn’t panic us to announce their Meizu 21 launch event. The event will be held in China on November 30. Its Chinese team has shared some detailed specs.

We have talked about the Meizu 21 specs earlier and the official announcement comes to confirm the specs and gives the consent of previous specs spread here. Let’s dive into its deep.

Meizu 21 specs here

Meizu 21 specs listed a 6.55 inch Samsung manufactured OLED panel with 1.5K resolution, 1920Hz PWM dimming, SGS blue light certification and also 1.74mm slim bezels in four sides. The bezel is comparatively slimmer than the Xiaomi 14 and the iPhone 15 device.

Meizu 21 specs

The Meizu 21 specs officially confirmed to be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, which is the latest chip manufactured by Qualcomm and widely used on several flagship devices, OnePlus 12, Galaxy S24 Ultra, iQOO 12 etc.

The back-end is going to highlight another thing, the OneMind 10.5 AI engine. It has promises for specific customization and optimized performance.

Meizu 21 specs

Meizu 21 will have a 4,800mAh capacity battery alongside a 80W wired charger. Meizu said, in an extreme endurance test Meizu 21 has managed to last 8.2 hours with the support of OneMind 10.5 AI customization. While another unnamed device with 5,100mAh battery can last only 7.4 hours.