Bluesky now open for all: how far the competition will go

Bluesky benefited

Bluesky is undoubtedly a new competitor in microblogging social media. This remained private for invite only users. Now it has become live for all of you. Almost one year it passed beta testing with a limited number of users.

The microblogging social media was silent and the creation of Jack Dorsey puts itself alive in top position. But heading over to Elon Musk by selling makes a huge impact on social media. Not even social media, also in the business mind.

Bluesky now open for all

Twitter, now introduced as X is on the way to paid user base. Elon Musk took steps towards the way to generate money. The exchange of ownership to Musk brings several competitors of X, namely Threads, Mastodon, Bluesky and many more.

Bluesky now open

A huge number of users took them back from X after getting charged by Elon Musk. At last he was appointed a new CEO, a long time later firing Parag Agarwal. The new CEO is Linda Yaccarino. But every decision has been taken by Musk.

Bluesky in now open which has a 40 full-time employee. Half of them work on moderation and user support. When it was invited only it had over 3 million sign up. Though it keeps 1.6 million active users now and 2,500 custom feeds. These are unique features of AT Protocol, specially designed for Bluesky users.

Bluesky post

Bluesky will enable third-party developers to create servers with their own rules via using AT Protocol. Bluesky is planning for an experimental rollout.

Bluesky is now open for all people to create their own account instantly. It has plans to generate money via this AT Protocol delivering additional features to users. This protocol uses a high secured system like CloudFlare. That will enhance the ability of the users to manage their own server easily.

Bluesky is on its own way. You can find CrazReview on Bluesky. Follow us for the latest news and updates in a short description.

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