Why Twitter has many alternatives: micro blogging is the future


Twitter is a blessing of Jack Dorsey along with some other co-founder. They founded and now it has become past. Elon Musk takes over the whole company. This acquisition is not a small step. This new single owner, Musk had to lose many resources for this. But why?

What is behind and why Twitter expected something? Why is it demanded to Musk or others? This is the question with a very significant business interest. Many people even though ex employees of Twitter are creating a new Twitter by different name.

Is Twitter an ultimate success

Who is successful? Jack Dorsey and his founding team or Elon Musk? Musk had to sell his Tesla share to buy Twitter. Though this selling created a significant share price dropping. Twitter is an ultimate mine, that ensures to impact on global leaders.

Why twitter

Yes. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. This is the key reason for becoming favourite options to the users. Who stays very busy and has to take a place for short moments, Twitter is best for them. Which costs less time gives huge data.

The future of micro-blogging

Micro-blogging becomes a very effective word for the present technology field. Many tech giants or tech persons are highly motivated to invent their next Twitter. In fact, Weibo, the Chinese social media is also an idea of micro-blogging, inspired by Twitter.

For a couple of months, if I broaden the time, from when Musk takes over Twitter many alternatives are offering with a new name. That means micro-blogging will alive for a long time and it will lead the future of the new comers and influence them to consume less time.

People are becoming very busy in their life. In fact, they have no work but they are busy on mobile. (One things, gaming will not be the future of children, a particular age allows them in games.) The idea of consuming short time and getting a huge data can only be introduced by micro-blogging. So it will last.

Why Twitter has so many alternatives

Yes. Expected two high demanded reasons appears to me. These are previously mentioned, the less time consuming idea and impact on power. You are absolutely right. I believe Twitter has a very significant power to determine anyone’s mindset.

It is allegedly said that Musk ordered his employees of Twitter to spread his tweet to everyone who is in Twitter. If you are a Twitter user, you had not seen his post is a very rear case though you don’t follow him.

Every single particle is impactful. Which has a high standard available to change a mindset and make a new thinking idea.

The upcoming future of Twitter will stay alive and it is the future of micro-blogging.