Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

There is no doubt that YouTube is the best video related site in the world. However, one alternative after another is constantly being created in the world, which the people of the world have seen to be successful, but it cannot achieve success in all cases.

Today we are going to list 6 such best YouTube alternative websites and discuss about this, so dear viewers let’s start.



Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

The website that is number 1 of the best alternative to YouTube is Playeur. This video platform site was first published in 2019, users can share any video there and even upload their own channel videos from YouTube. A user can avail numerous features for free without taking a premium subscription. Initially this site started their operations under the name Utreon but changed it to Playeur.


2) Dailymotion

Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

Dailymotion is another video platform that started its operations in March 2005, after just one month it managed to gain a huge response among users. Currently its daily user base is close to 400 million and is becoming YouTube’s best competitor. Videos are displayed in category form on this site which is a plus point of this site. The more videos you watch on this site, the more videos will be recommended to you.If site ia not load properly  you have to use VPN of United  state.



3) Crackle


Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

In this site, you can watch new web series, movies and Hollywood movies for free without any premium subscription.Also You can buy premium  membership.

It can be the currently popular youtube and netflix alternative. But the cost issue is that the site started its operation only in America so no one from other countries can use it. But one can explore it with the help of VPN.



4) Twitch

Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

Its creator is Amazon, about 140 to 180 million people visit the site every day. Here most people are seen streaming games along with video streaming. You can choose to use the site for free or pay a premium for a premium membership, part of which will be spent on streamers.

If you want, you can add points by watching videos. But the users of this site are slowly decreasing which is hindering the daily updates of the site. If you focus on good design and promotion, the site has great potential to turn around.




Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

The thing that I like a lot about this site is that this site doesn’t make any profit but what it makes profit is invested here, It features more than 3,500 talks covering many topics, design, science, technology, business, and global issues. This site six to seven new talks every week for users to enjoy.

Some of the talks are emotional, while others are funny. Some talks are meant to explain how our brain works,

The TED Talks website is particularly handy & entertaining to users. Most of the videos on this site are under 10 minutes long .

6) Vimeo

Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

This vimeo site is popular for their quality content. Its design and outfit is very similar to YouTube, so many people call it the best alternative to YouTube. The site is a step ahead in favoring streamers and uploaders. With proper investment and direction, Vimeo site has a strong potential to become YouTube’s best competitor.

So far today, I will be coming soon to you with  best tech: news Until then stay with crazreview , stay healthy,stay safe.


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Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube

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Top 6 alternative sites of YouTube