New real-time app scanning on Android helps to prevent malicious sideloading apps

Google Play Protect is the integrated security engine. Which is going to get a new dimension by the new real-time app scanning on Android devices. It will help users to protect their devices from malicious apps which sometimes sideload.

This October Google was said to integrate real-time app scanning. It finds malicious or fake apps knowingly or unknowingly sideloaded on the device. This feature detect these apps and use AI to block its appearances on the device to sideload.

Real-time app scanning on Android

Google has announced that its Play Protect feature now includes a real-time app scan for new apps that have not been previously scanned. This scan involves a code analysis that extracts important signals from the app and sends them to the Play Protect backend infrastructure for a code-level evaluation.

real-time app scanning

Android’s app store houses a vast number of apps that Google actively screens for malware, although this screening process is not always foolproof. Additionally, many Android device owners choose to sideload apps, bypassing the app store and its multiple layers of defense.

Despite the potential risks, sideloading remains a popular feature among Android users, who must place their trust in the app’s integrity before installation.

In order to address the extensive spread of predatory loan apps and the negative consequences they bring, Google has introduced an upgraded real-time code-level scanning feature.

Google Play Protect

This feature aims to counter the presence of these apps which have resulted in users experiencing harassment, and unfortunately, in some cases, even resorting to suicide. These malicious individuals exploit unauthorized access to user information such as contacts and photos, utilizing the data to intimidate and victimize users.

The Play Protect update of real-time app scanning is now first introduced by Google in India, with intentions to subsequently extend its availability worldwide.

Android has a strong security plan in place to protect users from malware and unwanted software. This includes features like Google Play Protect, security updates, app permission controls, and Safe Browsing. Android also collaborates with Messages by Google and Gmail to prevent spam and phishing.

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