Samsung Auto Blocker coming to protect Galaxy devices

Samsung is introducing a range of enhancements and fresh functionalities with the release of One UI 6. In addition to these updates, the company is also introducing a selection of novel applications that aim to bolster the security of your Galaxy device.

Among these applications is Samsung Auto Blocker, a cutting-edge security tool that is included with One UI 6. This innovative tool is designed to safeguard your Galaxy device in a manner that aligns seamlessly with your unique lifestyle, providing an added layer of protection.

Samsung Auto Blocker

The primary objective of Samsung Auto Blocker is to safeguard against the installation of applications from unauthorized sources, excluding Google Play Store and Galaxy Store. It is worth noting that if you prefer to sideload apps, meaning installing them from sources other than those approved by Samsung, this feature will not impact you as it is deactivated by default.

Samsung Auto Blocker

Nevertheless, for individuals who do not typically sideload apps, Auto Blocker serves as an advantageous security measure, particularly in light of the increasing prevalence of voice phishing. In such instances, attackers may manipulate users into installing harmful software, making the additional layer of protection provided by Auto Blocker invaluable.

Additionally, Samsung Auto Blocker application helps to prevent malware attacks and turns on security features to overcome these unconditional issues. It is also disallowed to download apps via USB cables.

Galaxy S24 and S24+
Samsung Galaxy S24 series

At the last point on availability, the Auto Blocker will be available on One UI 6.0 only. Those devices that are ready to get this update can only get this Auto Blocker app. Samsung already shares Samsung already shared a statement on this upgrade.

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