Oppo is making their own Processor

Oppo is making their own Processor

We have some leaks about Oppo. Oppo is developing a Application Processor for their phones. They are going all out in this project. We can surely tell that if they succeed doing this thing they can turn the tables around and can become the leading phone industry. Well for now we can tell this much that the processor will launch in 2023 Q2. If they succeed in their testing stage. Then they will mass-produce the Processor in 2023 Q3.


More about Oppo Processor

It would appear that Oppo’s IC design subsidiary, Shanghai Zheku is leading this project. He has already begun making the processor. The processor will use TSMC’S 6nm fabrication process. The similar processor that are made by the same process are Google’s Tensor, Samsung’s Exynos 2100, and the Snapdragon 888. But they all used 5nm architecture. Oppo is using 6nm architecture. Now it is time to wait and watch how it plays out.

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